Zambales governor: China flattened mountains to make Scarborough Shoal


Zambales Governor

Zambales Governor Amor Deloso has claimed that the Chinese are excavating mountains for material to shore up Scarborough Shoal.


Gov. Amor Deloso says the soil and rocks dumped by China in the region of Scarborough Shoal were taken from Zambales in a two-year operation that involved seven Chinese mining firms to mask the cover up.

The Zambales Governor said that the ex-governor was part of the clandestine plan. In a ‘mad dash’ to excavate rocks and dirt for the reclamation of Scarborough Shoal the mining firms excavated the tops of two mountains in his province. 

The mining firms used in the massive ordeal ran under the guise as nickel mining firms, when actually they were put there to steal the rocks and soil of the Philippines to build the artificial island.


The mountain top, located in the heavily forested highlands of Santa Cruz, has been flattened and damaged beyond repair.

Deloso added that the massive soil and rocks taken from the mainland have done irreversible damage to the environment.

A view from afar shows the visible damage, some saying the Chinese literally carved-out the mountainside for their own gain.

Ex-Governor Lined His Own Pockets

Gov. Deloso says that ex-governor Hermogenes Ebdane Jr. lined his pockets to appease the Chinese.

Deloso explained in detail that the shoal is purely made of corals and not anything solid such as the soil and rocks from Zambales.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, nearly 3,000 hectares of Scarborough Shoal have been filled in with heavy rocks and earth by China’s reclamation workers.

The Zambales Governor said that a total of two mountains are nearly flat – and were running under the impression they were nickel mining with up to 450 trucks traveling night and day throughout the region – eventually damaging the roadways.

Deloso said that the Chinese have literally bought the entire mountains by using the pretext they were in fact mining the area, not stealing it.

He said “They destroyed the total environment of Sta. Cruz in the six years of your former friend the former governor.”

Local residents were questioned as to the effects of the heavy mining cover-up, many saying they found jobs in the mines and did not care where or who was stripping the mountains bare.

A task force is being formed to investigate the incident – the Department of Environment and Natural Resources was shocked by the news.

“It’s horrible. I’ll find out whoever gave the permit [while] they are getting the soil. If there are DENR officials involved they’ll be made accountable.”

The governor said that all mining activities in the province have stopped because of the massive cover up.

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