How To Achieve The Best Camera Angle And Lighting For Zoom Web Conferencing

You should look as good as you do during Zoom web conferencing as you do in person. And that means you’ve got to pay attention to things that you wouldn’t think so much about in person. You’ve got to start thinking about things like lighting and angles.

Web conferencing has seen an unprecedented rise in its usage and acceptance in recent times. Whether it is teaching sessions, or business meetings, or even serious political deliberations, everything is being conducted over web conferencing at present.

In fact, the day is not far when it will become the norm for meetings & discussions to be carried out over the web conferencing. One of the key players of this big switch is the video conferencing app Zoom. We’re going to tell you how to look great while using it.

The Best Camera Angle And Lighting For Zoom Web Conferencing

How Lighting Can Make Or Break Your Call?

Lighting is one of the most important factors for any kind of camera work. And that includes video calls captured by your webcam. Too little or too much lighting or wrong angles can play the spoilsport.

So much so, that you may just not be clearly visible at the other end, just because the lighting at your place is not right. Therefore, it is extremely important to set the lighting right before you go on an important call via Zoom web conferencing.

Getting The Lighting Right

Having highlighted the importance of correct lighting for great video calls, let’s see how you can set the lighting right. Experts of the digital space say that the light, from whatever source it is, should fall on your face and illuminate it.

It is recommended to set up your laptop against a window from where abundant light can fall on your face during the video call. If that’s not an option, you can install a portable light source behind your laptop to make the light fall on your face.

In any case, during a , the light should not be sourced from a place behind you. This will shadow off your image, which is obviously something, not desirable.

Camera Angle Can Make All the Difference

Another factor that is as important as the lighting, if not more, is the angle at which your camera has been set up. You may feel that if your face is visible on the screen, that’s good enough. However, it is not.

How good or bad you look on a video call depends largely on the angle of your camera. It can ruin your appearance on the video call and become a big hindrance to effective communication. Therefore, it is important to set the camera at the right angle.

How To Set The Camera Angle For Zoom Web Conferencing

As a rule of thumb, the camera should be set up accurately the eye level, to get the frame for your Zoom web conferencing. Setting the camera too high may crop you out of the frame.

However, the mistake that most people actually make is setting the camera too low. This happens because the level of the table is generally far below eye level, and can’t be made up by the height of the laptop screen. This gives you a towering appearance. 

You can solve this problem by simply stacking up a few things under your laptop to raise its height and get the camera at your eye level. Books, magazines, and old newspapers work the for this purpose.

 The Best Camera Angle And Lighting For Zoom Web Conferencing

Lighting And Angles For Zoom Web Conferencing Takeaway

Web conferencing is something that will become a part of your professional life, and you can’t it. Therefore, it is important to learn the nitty-gritty about carrying out great Zoom calls. With a great angle and lighting, you’re setting yourself up for success.