How To Use LinkedIn Business To Make Your Company Thrive


With more than 575 million users, LinkedIn Business is a great tool to help your business grow. LinkedIn has been traditionally thought of as a way for job seekers to promote themselves, but it’s more than that.

It is a platform for promoting your business, finding professionals for your company, and also connecting with top-notch partners for your venture. With LinkedIn, you can also generate sales, hire talented individuals, and fuel your growth.


We’ve looked into what LinkedIn Business can do to help your business thrive. And we’ve come up with 5 simple strategies you can use to accelerate the growth of your company.

How To Use LinkedIn Business To Make Your Company Thrive

Create a Complete LinkedIn Business Profile

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn isn’t meant for posting clever memes and things you have done in your day. It is purely a professional space to create contact and interact with aspiring professionals, potential partners, and to build your client base.


In order to help your company thrive in LinkedIn Business, you will have to create a complete LinkedIn profile. A comprehensive LinkedIn profile gains up to 2x times more visitors than incomplete profiles.

From a company’s logo and website to the firm’s description and size to the type of industry and location, the minutest details should be filled accurately and thoroughly. Full company profiles exude legitimacy, credibility, and professionalism.

Consistency In Posting

Giving a consistent flow of posts and fresh content on your LinkedIn page will give it more visibility on member feeds. However, posting consistently does not mean you should start posting two to three times daily. To begin with, once or twice a week is enough.

According to LinkedIn sources, companies that post at least once a week per month have shown to gain followers 6x times faster than those who don’t. Posting on a regular basis helps the page visitor know that the company is quite active.

It also reassures your potential customers, clients, and partners that you are easy to contact.

Engage Your Employees and Colleagues

Your colleagues and employees are the best and prime sources to start growing and gaining audiences for your business. Encourage them to spread the message of your company with their friends and family. For new business profiles, this is an essential step.

Also, encourage your employees to map your pages in their profiles as they can be the biggest advocates for your page. If they cite their current workplace in their profile, their new connection shall be directed to your business page.

This will help to accelerate your LinkedIn content and also foster the visibility of your profile.

Target Specific Audiences

When it comes to finding target customers and clients, no one can beat LinkedIn. With this platform, you can target specific audiences or viewers using various filters like industry, company size, its type. 

Similarly, while making posts include updates that would interest your target customers. For example, if you are running an ad for your plumbing business, you can target LinkedIn users having job titles like Maintenance Manager, and Director of Facilities Operations.

This will help you reach professionals who are responsible for hiring businesses like yours.

Make Use Of Sponsored Ads To Promote

Like any other social platform, LinkedIn also allows you to create sponsored ads. While these cost you a few bucks, they are very helpful in targeting the specific audiences for your profile.

How To Use LinkedIn Business To Make Your Company Thrive

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn allows you to choose a target audience for your profile based on geographical location, age, profession, and industries. The ads are sold through auctions and the amount completely depends upon how much you are willing to pay.

You can also create a sponsored ad to promote your company if you have the dollars to spend.