Discover The Best Google Play Services For Mobile Phones

Google has perfected the search engine and it’s now perfecting its app menu with Google Play Services. You can find for just about everything from fitness to organization and upping your finance game. Google is certainly a force to reckon with, in the digital space.

Much of Google’s present-day standing can be traced back to the year 2012, the year when Google launched its flagship ‘Google Play Services’. It is a collection of diverse with a unified interface and data sharing by Google.

Today, internet users across the world including South Africa use Google Play services extensively. We’ve looked into the best of what Google Play Services offer. Up next you’re going to find the best they’ve got to offer. 

Discover The Best Google Play Services For Mobile Phones

Google Maps & Street View

Two of the most popular and high-utility services amongst the Google Play stack of mobile applications are Google Maps and the Google Street View App. Both the make use of the GPS data collected by

Google to provide real-time mobility directions and location hunting facility to the users. Over the years, these from Google have undergone several enhancements to offer additional features like real-time traffic data, a night map view, and virtual assistance.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music was one of the early movers in the now throbbing music streaming scene using the mobile app sub-domain. Even today, Google Play Music continues to be the preferred music streaming app for millions of users worldwide.

The seamless user interface of the music app, coupled with an extensive music library makes the Google Play Music app one of the best available apps for effortlessly streaming songs and podcasts.

Google Play Books

Google’s Play Books is an extensive collection of the latest and most popular e-books, audiobooks, and digital comics. What makes Google Play Books particularly good for reading books online is its thoughtfully designed interface and book reading framework.

This makes the entire exercise a breezy experience and encourages the reader to read more and more. You can purchase your favorite books from Google, and have some great time reading them on the Google Play Books mobile app of the Google Play services.

Google Drive

Google Drive is easily one of the most widely used mobile app offerings from the house of Google. The application makes it extremely convenient for users to create, edit, and share different kinds of documents.

Those documents include things like word files, spreadsheets, and even PowerPoint presentations. n fact, it would not be wrong to say that Google Drive has completely disrupted and transformed the way we create and share documents.

Google Fit

Google Fit is a fitness and activity tracking app by Google, which allows you to take better care of your health, powered by technology. Using the app, you can set fitness targets for yourself, and track your daily activities to align them towards your targets.

Google fit is one of the most basic and easy to use fitness apps that is available today. It can be a great starting point for anyone looking to embark on a fitness journey.

Google Play Movies & TV

As part of the Google Play Services, Google also offers an app for on-demand streaming of movies and TV shows. You can do so right on your mobile device, using the Google Play Movies and TV app.

It boasts a rich library of the old and latest movies of all genres, and the popular TV shows. You can buy the subscription to the app to stream any of this digital content, at any point in time.


Google+ is Google’s own social network, and a great option to carry out social interactions and exchanges with your network. The best aspect of Google’s social network is that all other Google products have been linked to this social network.

This has made sharing content across the social network even easier and efficient.

Discover The Best Google Play Services For Mobile Phones

The Bottom Line

These were just a few prominent apps out of the vast stack of digital products of Google Play Services. When interconnected to each other through the common thread of Google, these apps offer you a seamless and immersive experience for all things lifestyle.