Fitness App Android – Find The Best Fitness Apps For Your Mobile Device

Not having time for the gym is no excuse for missing a workout, with a fitness app Android-style you can work out wherever you are. If you want to live a healthy life, all you need is your phone and an internet connection.

Thanks to smartphones, there are thousands of apps that you can use in your journey. By simply clicking, your trek to a healthy life is easier. Since you’ve always got your phone on you, you can take advantage of a quick workout.

Regardless of what kind of exercise you like, there is an app for it. And you can even record yourself and keep track of how you are doing. Up next we’ve got some great fitness apps for you to try.

Fitness App Android - Find The Best Fitness Apps For Your Mobile Device

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

This app gives guided yoga sessions to follow. Regardless of whether you are just a beginner or you are a seasoned practitioner, this app will work perfectly well for you. what’s more, there is also an option where you can schedule classes to follow your calendar.

Depending on what kind of poses or even workouts you want to do, you can always categorize all this in the app. As if that is not enough, you can also select the kind of background music you would like in the right headspace. You can try the free version in the first seven days and later pay.

One You Couch to 5k

The goal of this app is to help you run 5k and this program lasts up to nine weeks, however, you can move on your own pace. You will have a choice to select from different trainers within the app and the catch is, it is more of encouragement than pressure.

Don’t get discouraged if you are just starting out, the motive of this app is to make even beginners achieve their goals. This is done by giving you tips and encouraging you to push on throughout your journey.

StrongLift 5×5

Derived from the popular 5×5 concept of full five sets of five reps, this app focuses on helping you to push on past your breaking point. You only need a 45-minute workout every day per week to hit your target. This app is open to all levels, however, it might well for beginners and intermediates looking for easy workouts.

This app also gives weekly and monthly progress reports to motivate you. As if that is not enough, all these sessions are fully guided to help you what to do, when, and how. They also help you know how long to rest and for how long.

Fitness App Android - Find The Best Fitness Apps For Your Mobile Device


Perhaps you have heard this app before, it is one of the best running apps on the market today. This explains the millions of followings it has, it can be used by swimmers, cyclists, and so much more.

You can also pair it with your smartphone and GPS-enabled watch. If you are stepping out, the app uses its map to track how far you have traveled and for how long. To encourage you, this app incorporates challenges that you can take part in and push your limits.

This also helps you different tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals. They believe that once you treat exercise as a game, then the sky is not even the limit.

Bottom Line

If you have been struggling to keep up with your workout routines, then these apps will help you push yourself harder. Some people need partners to achieve their goals. And these apps will work as your perfect companion as you shape your best self.