World’s largest “Guan Gong” statue takes shape in Hubei Province, China

Guan Statue
World’s Larest “Guan Gong” Bronze Statue Nears Completition in Hubei, China –

The world’s largest Guan Gong bronze statue is nearing completion in Hubei province. It will be 58 metres tall and weigh over 1200 tons.

Guan Gong, who is the historical figure of Guan Yu, is a deified figure in Chinese mythology representing brotherhood and integrity.


It was designed by Han Meilin, who also designed the mascots for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Basic construction on the statue is said to be complete and workers are currently focusing on sanding and colouring, works which should be finished by April.

The statue is set to be completed and open to tourists by June.


Netizens were not particularly happy with the statue. One commented on Sohu News that it was “ugly” and another said that it was “a waste of land space.”

“What a waste, if there’s money why don’t you use it to help the poor?” said one.

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