World’s first vending machine cafe opens in Singapore


VendeCafe, a new introduction into mini food courts has landed in Singapore, a first in the world.

The new revolution simplifies ordering and receiving an entire meal at the touch of a button – all ready in under three minutes.


The bright orange vending machines can push out hot, cold, fresh or frozen meals in a matter of minutes – all at the touch of a button.

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Singapore Receives World’s First Vending Machine Cafe –

The VendeCafe brings hungry participants sweet and sour fish, as well as spaghetti bolognese, chicken curry, chicken casserole and much more.

The cafe has zero staff and is manned by computers and machines only – all at a cost of $5 or less.


The best part of the VendeCafe is that it never closes, it’s open 24-hours if no breakdowns or food orders are completely exhausted.

VendeCafe is currently located in the Sengkang in northern Singapore – so when is this new electronic cafe coming to the Philippines? Let’s hope soon!!

As of now the pilot project is set to be located at Sengkang for one year, however the cafe has been well received and doing a strong business.

Sources say the company is planning to install more VendeCafe’s throughout Singapore in the coming years.

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