Immigration chief warns foreigners working illegally in Philippines

working illegally
A stern warning has been issued today against working illegally in the Philippines.

The immigration chief of the Philippines has warned that foreign nationals working illegally in the country will be deported.

Bureau of Immigration (BI) Commissioner Jaime Morente issued the reminder today (Monday, November 12) following the arrest of nine Chinese people found working in shopping malls.

He emphasised that foreigners were not allowed to illegally engage in gainful activities, and so deprive Filipino traders of livelihood opportunities.

“If you are a good, law-abiding alien then we welcome you to the Philippines. But if you keep on disregarding Philippine laws, then you might as well get out, illegal aliens are not welcome here,” the BI chief said in a statement.

Chinese working illegally

The warning against working illegally comes as the BI is preparing to deport the nine Chinese people who were arrested recently in back-to-back operations in the cities of Manila and Pasay for working in the country without permits.

Four of the aliens, identified as Cai Shaoqiu, Cai Shengfeng, Tian Changsheng and She Lijuan, were arrested on October 26 at the Plaza mall in Quiapo.

Those arrested at the Two Shopping Center in Pasay, have been named as Lin Manyi, Zeng Xinfu, Xiao Jinxiang, Zhang Yang Sheng and Chichi Zhuang.

He said the aliens were all caught in the act of selling retail goods to the public by BI intelligence operatives.

The nine are now undergoing proceedings before the Bureau’s Board of Commissioners after they were charged for violating the country’s Philippine immigration laws.

“We will deport them for blatantly violating our immigration laws. Foreigners are prohibited in engaging in any gainful activity without the proper visas,” Mr Morente said.

“In fact, during the check, one of them presented a counterfeit immigration document, while another may have assumed someone else’s identity as he had no record of arrival,” he added. 

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