How to Get Work with RBC Careers


If joining RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) is what you are longing for, here is everything you need to know about applying for a job with this prestigious financial institution. 

RBC is the best choice if you are looking forward to starting a perfect career. 


To know how to get work with RBC Careers, just take a look at the info provided below. 

How to Get Work with RBC Careers

Job Types Available

There is a wide range of jobs available at RBC that are associated with different departments and sections of this organization. These jobs are both temporary and permanent. The most common opportunities include the following.

  • Capital Markets
  • Personal & Commercial Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Investor & Treasury Services
  • Technology & Operations
  • Insurance
  • Corporate Functions
  • RBC Ventures

Apart from the available categories, the job titles regularly advertised by the RBC are as follows.

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Human Resources Coordinator, Fall
  • Financial Analyst (8 Months), Fall 2020
  • Executive Assistant
  • Financial Planner


Successful candidates need to utilize their skills and experience while performing their respective duties. For instance, if you are hired for an administrative role, you have to perform a wide array of administrative duties

On the other hand, the employee hired for the sales department needs to persuade clients by providing them lucrative financial schemes

In addition, the job role depends on your education background and eligibility requirements of a particular role.  

Requirements and Education Needed

Basically, each job has specific requirements that are clearly displayed within the job ad. For instance, administrative jobs demand a typical educational background and experience (if required).

On the other hand, marketing and sales jobs also require exceptional communication skills besides meeting the educational requirements. Below are some of the collective requirements that recruiters analyze when hiring for jobs at RBC. 

  • Administrative experience
  • Ability to prioritize and work under pressure 
  • Capable of meeting strict deadlines
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Great attitude and passion for serving the client 
  • Outstanding organizational skills

Typical Payscale/Salaries

Since RBC is always trying to offer its best, the management relies on progressive thinking. This helps its employees grow and prosper at a rapid pace. Besides that, working together can help ensure better performance under challenging conditions.

This is the reason that RBC pays great attention to the happiness of its employees. The management cares for each other, which helps them unlock the potential of every employee. 

The salary or pay scale is awarded depending on the type of job.  

On the other hand, RBC ensures to mutually benefit all of its employees. Therefore, a wide array of other benefits is awarded to employees besides their salary. 

For example, through its “Comprehensive Total Rewards Program”, RBC offers numerous benefits, including the following.

  • Flexible leasing facilities 
  • Loan facilities at competitive and discounted rates
  • Commissions & Compensation

On average, the salary offered by RBC ranges from $24,338/year for a Teller to $171,945/year for Vice President. 

Apart from this, the average hourly rate offered by RBC ranges from $37.25/hour for Tutor to $41.11/hour for Systems Analyst.

How To Apply

Applying for RBC is a simple and easy process. You have to visit the official website of the Royal Bank of Canada. After that, go to the career page and search for the most appropriate job on the list.

You need to be specific while applying, as all the jobs have specific eligibility requirements that a particular applicant needs to fulfill. Once you have found a job that meets your needs, hit the “Apply” button. 

The provision of different categories makes it easy for you to select the most appropriate job depending on your portfolio. After hitting the “Apply” button, you have to provide your email address and other relevant data.

The overall application procedure is quite simple and hassle-free. You will be notified once your application has been duly submitted.    



To conclude, joining RBC could be your dream job, and getting it isn’t that hard if you have the passion and meet the required criteria. 

The benefits offered to employees are numerous, which suggests you can prosper quickly with RBC. Just visit the RBC site now and start searching for the job that fits your portfolio.