Women’s group to President Duterte: Keep your genitals out of politics!

President Duterte addressing a PDP-Laban campaign rally in Puerto Princesa last Thursday.

A women’s group has reminded President Duterte that his “genitals are irrelevant” to the upcoming election after he boasted about his penis.

Addressing a campaign rally in Puerto Princesa, the president described how he would flaunt his erect penis while lodging at a YCMA in his student days.

He described how he preferred to walk around naked, while other residents would cover up with a towel. At these times, he claimed, the size of his penis would draw admiring comments from other men.

“My towel, I won’t wrap it around me,” he said. “I will just walk towards them naked — they would admire me. They’d tell me ‘Son of a bitch, Duterte, you’re so hard’,”

He also said that when he was young his penis “almost looked up to the sky” and would touch his belly button.

Despite his frequent criticisms of the — and even God himself — the president gave credit for his generous endowment to the Almighty. He said: “If God gave me a small penis, I would have cut it in front of the altar. Son of a bitch, is this all you have given me?” 

He also gave some credit to his earthly father. He said: “I’m very thankful to my father. At least he let me out into the world highly-equipped.”

To emphasise the sheer magnitude of his appendage, he recalled visiting “a place full of women”. Catching sight of his penis, he said, the women reacted with horror, exclaiming: “We don’t like him. That skinny guy. He won’t stop having .”

Today (Tuesday, April 9), the Gabriela Women’s Party has slammed the president for boasting about his genitals.

In a statement, party-list Representatives Emmi De Jesus and Arlene Brosas said: “People should take offence that instead of platforms and issues are being discussed at political gatherings, we are stuck with a president wanting to just talk about his genitals.

“His privates do not offer any answer or solution to the political, economic, and humanitarian crises that hound our people.”

The women lawmakers said the speech demonstrated how the president’s administration offered no solutions to the country’s problems and was “just out to continuously fool the people with such buffoonery”.

“This is also consistent with his open promotion of rape and sexual violence against women. Such disrespect to women and the voting public should not be tolerated,” they said.

“The president’s genitals are irrelevant in this coming polls and should not be talked about at any forum.”

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Watch the full speech (discussion of genitals begins at about 30 minutes):