Women who took everything from community pantry in Pasig explain

The women who were seen taking every item from the built in Barangay Kapitolyo in apologized.

In a report on GTV “Balitanghali” on Wednesday, the women stated that they were not thieves and said they said goodbye to the guard and owner before they took from the pantry.

They also said that they had no intention of consuming everything that they took and in fact, they also gave some to their neighbors.

Some of the women’s neighbors said they received, but others said they did not.

But according to the pantry organizer, only the women’s neighbors can take it from the pantry.

“Siyempre po nasasaktan kasi kakaunti lang po naman din ‘yon. Kaya po naming isauli ‘yon kung ganiyan lang din po na ilalabas nila sa social media,” said “Shawie,” one of the women who took items from the community pantry.

“Pagdating nila rito, shinare agad nila ‘yung kinuha nila roon sa may community pantry. Kaya apat na itlog tsaka dalawang noodles, malaking bagay na para sa amin ‘yun. Sana huwag natin silang i-bash kasi hindi po nila alam lahat ‘yung totoong istorya,” said a man who received an item from the woman.

Women who took everything from community pantry in explain

“”Hindi lang ‘yung pamilya nila o hindi lang ‘yung street nila ‘yung mga nagugutom. Marami pa sanang gustong kumuha pero ‘yun nga ‘di nakakuha, kasi kinuha nila lahat,” Carla Quiogue, the resident who built community pantry in the Kapitol, Pasig.

On Tuesday, a group of women was caught on CCTV taking every item of a community pantry in .

The video shows the table full of various types of food in Barangay Kapitolyo when a group of six women arrived with eco-bags.

It was also seen in the video that the women surrounded the table while they had already picked up the contents. Also caught on camera was a woman carrying two trays of eggs.

In a few moments, the community pantry table was empty.

According to Quiogue, she even teased the women who would have even brought the table. The women explained that they would distribute what they had taken to their neighbors.