Woman rescued from sex trafficking ring says she did it for her baby

A woman rescued from a sex-trafficking ring in Lipa, Batangas, said she was forced to enter the illegal activity to support her baby.

Quinn (not her real name) told 24 Oras that she regretted joining the sex trafficking operation.

“Of course I think of my baby. This is my source of livelihood,” she said when asked if she thought about her child before engaging in sex trafficking.

“We are doing this for our family. Since our world turned chaotic, of course, our lives worsened, we have nothing to eat, so we had to choose this job even if it is bad for us,” she added in Filipino.

Quinn is among the 14 women rescued by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)  Special Task Force from sex traffickers at an apartment in Lipa, Batangas.

Among rescued were three minors, one pregnant and one who has a nine-month-old child.

According to Attorney Bernard Dela Cruz, head of Special Task Force, they found sex trafficking ring victimized about 30 women. The women were believed to be former employees of nightclubs that were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Woman rescued from sex trafficking ring says she did it for her baby

“The suspects were not directly related to these victims. They are grooming these women, brainwashing them, making them believe that they are helping their families by doing this,” Dela Cruz explained in Filipino and English.

Meanwhile, more than 30 women were rescued by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in a series of operations at hidden spas and home services that allegedly serve as the front of prostitution.

The special action unit (SAU) entered a house in Scout Chuatoco, Quezon City. Seen inside is the built reception area where the women are introduced.

Rooms are also located there where they are brought along with clients. They were surprised by the number of customers.

“Almost 30 na victims. Yung daily sheet nila, lumalabas na 80 to 94 clients per day despite the pandemic situation sa ,” said Kristine dela Cruz, executive officer of -SAU.

According to the female victims, they have no other job since the pandemic, so they accepted the offer even though it was illegal.

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