Er, no thanks: Clinic uses Wolverine to advertise its circumcision package

Ouch: Not an image that inspired confidence. Picture by Instagram user “peej05”

A Filipino medical clinic is using an image of the superhero Wolverine to advertise its cut-price circumcision package.

The (presumably-unlicensed) use of the image was spotted outside the Dionisio M Cornel Memorial Medical Center in Antipolo, near Manila.


The procedure, which promises to be painless, costs only 1,400 pesos. The slogan at the foot of the advertisement reads: “Cheap, still with a doctor, still at a hospital…this is where you get painless circumcision!”

It is to be hoped the procedure is carried out with regular surgical implements rather than adamantium claws.

Anyone tempted to go under the knife should be advised to look elsewhere, judging by the negative reviews on the clinic’s Facebook page.


Tina Ricafort-Mutuc, for example, said: “I should not even put a star on this review. If you love your family, stay away from this hospital.”

Vanessa Manilla-Dy agreed, saying: “Hate is not even the best word to describe how I feel for this hospital.”

However, at just 1,400 pesos it can’t be denied that it’s a snip.

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