Windowless planes: Will they ever take off?


An Advanced Generation of Flying Without Windows – The New Breed of Windowless Airplanes

For numerous travellers, the window seat gives you the optimal pleasure of seeing the world far below. That experience could be a thing of the past as the future of aircraft and super-sonic jets starts to take shape, with the suggestion that windows could become a thing of the past.

This future is coming quicker than many might imagine. The streamlined designs of airplanes without windows gives a major advantage to airlines throughout the world with improved fuel-efficiency.

Technicon Design, a French based design company, has already released its first designs for the Ixion Windowless Jet. Replacing the windows are screens lining the interior of the cabin. These screens display detailed scenes from the outside.

airplane 1

If the aircraft is flying over regions that are not permissible to video, passengers can change the scenes to display films, movies, video conferences and various other images from multiple sources.

Technicon Design states that by removing the windows of an airplane, the reduced weight and friction will reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs and several other factors that will boost profits for flight companies.

A US-based company known as Spike Aerospace is scheduled to launch a supersonic Mach 1.6/1.8 flight from London to that will take less than an hour.