WHO warns about dangers of Delta variant

The World Health Organization (WHO) representative warned that the surge of disease (COVID-19) cases could be even worse if the Delta variant spreads to communities in the country.

According to WHO Country Representative Dr. Rabindra Abeyasinghe, the number of critical care beds had to be increased to more than 800 in August 2020, while the number of critical care beds had to be added to 1,200 in March and April.

“It’s going to be infecting people far easier and faster than we saw during the April-May surge affecting the NCR if the Delta variant starts spreading in the community,” said Abeyasinghe.

It will be recalled that most cases were recorded in one day on April 2, where more than 15,000 fresh cases were recorded.

Abeyasinghe also said that past surges could be attributed to the proliferation of variants of concern.

WHO has also donated nicotine patches to the Lung Center of the Philippines and launched the Department of Health Quitline to help smokers quit the habit because they are more susceptible to serious symptoms of COVID-19.

“In light of this, it is critically important that in view of the current that we do everything to protect the life of smokers, both active and passive smokers,” said Abeyasinghe.

WHO warns about dangers of Delta variant

WHO urges proper adherence to minimum health standards, stricter border surveillance, and vaccination to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

So far, more than 80 countries have recorded Delta variant cases. In addition, at least 10 countries have Delta plus cases.

instructed experts to develop a plan and mechanism to combat the more contagious disease () Delta variant that was first seen in India.

According to Duterte, the government can no longer afford another disease (-19) variant.

“The scientists, you people, you have to come up with something to fight COVID-19 D[elta]. Eh wala pa tayo niyan. Second is we cannot afford it. Iyong nangyari sa ating, ‘yong first wave, it has depleted really the resources of government. Now, another one would be disastrous for this country. That is why the stricter you are, the better,” said Duterte.

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