Who is Bree Jonson and why is Julian Ongpin arrested in La Union?

Family, friends, and fans mourn the sudden death of Bree Jonson, who was found unconscious and later declared dead on arrival in La Union.

Julian Ongpin, the son of billionaire Bobby Ongpin, shared a room with Bree Jonson. He was later arrested due to possession of illegal drugs.

Authorities have yet to release the cause of death of Bree Jonson and how it related to the of Julian Ongpin.

According to Vintana, Bree Jonson is a Filipino contemporary artist who left a career in engineering. After a brief stint as musician, she has since focused her time on making art. Aesop’s fables, a veterinarian mother, and the wild-life from her childhood have had a part in influencing her artistic choices. She participates in exhibitions regularly. Her latest solo exhibitions include “Notes on Stillness’ at Yavuz Gallery, Singapore, and “Writhing“ at OUR ArtProjects, Kuala Lumpur.

Who is Bree Jonson, and why is Julian Ongpin arrested in La Union?

“The paintings of Bree Jonson have been called fables and enigmas. They show creatures in various states and activities, some bizarre and otherworldly. But her paintings are hardly exercises in faithful naturalistic resemblance. On the contrary, they show her studying then reimagining flora and fauna as her reflections on human relationships and experience. And her creatures are playactors in a visual drama about her own existence, her mortality, her body, and so on,” it added.

Meanwhile, Leon Gallery Makati offered condolences for the passing of the young artist.

“Bree Jonson is primarily known for her unique visual language that explores the relationship between mankind and the environment. Her works act as a visual and critical commentary on the contemporary human experience in contrast with the idea of human nature itself,” it said in a statement.

“The result is a novel critique of our intuitive sense of anthropocentrism amidst our ever-expanding knowledge of nature and the world.”

Meanwhile, Julian Ongpin’s father is a well-known billionaire businessman Roberto Ongpin.

Roberto is also the Minister of Trade and Industry during the Marcos administration.

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