How To Send Offline Messages On WhatsApp

Free messaging apps make connecting easy online, but now you can send offline messages on Whatsapp too. It is very frustrating trying to send a message that fails to go through due to a poor connection. WhatsApp’s new feature aims to get rid of that problem.

Messaging is now a standard method of communication and WhatsApp is making it happen all over the globe. All you need is a phone and an internet connection. And you don’t even need an international data plan to communicate with folks overseas.

The app is free, and as long as you can find a reliable connection, the whole experience is almost free. The only glitch that pops up is when you’re offline and can’t send messages. Now they have fixed that problem so you can send offline messages on Whatsapp. 

How To Send Offline Messages On WhatsApp

Where is Offline Messaging on WhatsApp Applicable?

While moving through the subway, internet connections are always weak. This feature comes in handy in such circumstances. While traveling by air, you will need to send messages while your phone is still on airplane mode, but once you land, all queued messages will be sent.

The offline messaging on the WhatsApp process is straightforward. Just like regular texting, you send a message and don’t have to worry about the internet. Instead of struggling to wait for connection now, you can post a message and wait for its delivery.

New Offline Messaging WhatsApp Feature

Previously you could not send a message through WhatsApp if your device had a poor connection. This setting resulted in the delay of essential work and inefficiency. The clock icon would appear in your text, showing the message is not sent.

The green mark appears on your WhatsApp Screen once a message has been sent to the receiver. The new features do the same when the green mark appears then your message has been sent. The new offline function fills a significant gap that existed.

Steps on How to Send Offline Messages via WhatsApp

From your contact list, select the contact you want to start a conversation with then start as you usually do. Start typing your message in the text box. The airplane button remains grey, indicating poor connection, and the message has not been sent.

With the new offline messaging, the little paper airplane is blue. This color is an assurance that you will not lose your message. The next step involves touching the blue airplane button. Once you have a secure connection, your message will be delivered automatically.

You will not lose your message in the process like you could have before. Now your message is automatically received as intended once you get a connection. It’s possible to know whether your message has been delivered.

How Will I Know If My Message Has Been Received

When two grey checks appear, it means that the receiver has received the message, but it’s yet to read it. Two blue checks, on the other hand, shows that the message has been delivered and read. This process allows you to monitor the message delivery.

Sending a WhatsApp message while you don’t have a secure intent connection involves queuing the messages. This process ensures you don’t forget to send an important message. This feature guarantees that it will be sent once you have an internet connection.

How To Send Offline Messages On WhatsApp

This feature is available regardless of whether you have no WIFI or internet connection. You have to activate the airplane mode on your device, ensuring you have no internet connection. Then open the WhatsApp from the home screen or App Drawer.

After selecting the person, you want to send the message, type the message and then tap on the send arrow. Turn your device back to the home screen and deactivate airplane mode. Once there is an internet connection, the message is sent.

Bottom Line

You no longer have to worry about sending messages via WhatsApp even when there is no internet connection. If you’re on a plane and your phone is on airplane mode, you can still send messages.

This feature ensures that messages are not lost. You can queue as many messages as you want via WhatsApp. This feature comes with many benefits. You can send the message once it’s fresh in mind and doesn’t have to worry about internet connections.