Were 71-year-old and mother with baby latest victims of bullet scam?

Two Caught in Same Day For Bullets at NAIA – A 71-Year-Old and a Mother with Baby Heading for Davao City – www.philippineslifestyle.com

Two woman were apprehended this Monday for carrying bullets inside their bags at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

The first was 71-year-old Antonina Agustin, who was at the airport to pick up her relatives when two bullets were detected inside her purse during the initial screening at NAIA Terminal #3.


The two bullets were said to be of two different calibres, one was a 9mm and the other a 38 cal.

The second was a mother bound for Davao City with her baby – she was apprehended at NAIA Terminal #3 for carrying a 9mm bullet.

According to airport authorities, 35-year-old Edna Sanchez and Antonina Agustin both admitted their bullets were for protection, calling them talismans or amulets.


15 airport security officers are still under investigation over the alleged bullet planting scam – all have been placed on “restricted status.”

NBI officials said today that no official report saying the extortion scheme is happening, has not been confirmed.