Weight loss is another reason to drink coffee

Weight Loss is Another Reason to Drink Coffee

Just like many other nations, is an important part of every Filipino’s morning meal. In fact, the Philippines’ coffee industry continues to grow and consumption is at an all-time high. After all, the globally-renowned media firm Matador Network would not name Manila as “the second best place in the world for coffee lovers” without good reason. But did you know that other than being a breakfast staple, is also consumed for its weight loss capabilities?

How your body work after drinking

The chemical processes that keep you awake after drinking also have other effects on your body. As a stimulant, coffee fires up the pituitary gland and makes it release epinephrine, also known as adrenaline. It makes your heart beat faster, increasing blood flow. According to HowStuffWorks, this is also the same reason why your hands get cold and you feel more excited when you drink coffee.

It also makes your liver release sugar into the bloodstream for extra energy. This becomes a source of ‘fuel’ for the muscles, preventing them from drawing energy from themselves, a process which breaks down muscle tissue. As a result, you can have more gains from an intense workout after having a cup.

Moreover, facilitates the release of dopamine, a chemical that activates your brain’s reward system. In CNN’s report about taking a pre-workout caffeine fix, dopamine is identified as a hormone that’s associated with feelings of bliss, motivation, and focus. This is important in your weight loss journey, as it makes it more enjoyable and feel less of a task.

There are even coffee mixes that use other ingredients to boost the beverage’s fat-burning capabilities. Most instant coffee brands that produce a slimming effect use stevia rather than regular sugar to minimize calorie count. In Pretty Me’s review of Lean N Green coffee, Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) is highlighted as another important ingredient as it suppresses appetite. Fiber fillers are also added to make the stomach feel full. Combine this with proper diet and regular exercise, and you may achieve your target weight much faster.

If you need a boost to your weight loss plan or added motivation for your workouts, consider having a cupful or two of this magical drink every day. With all the potential benefits, it’s certainly worth every sip.