Waternest: A floating eco-friendly home that’s nearly 100 per cent recyclable

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A Floating Eco-Friendly Home On Water – Nearly 100% Recycleable, The WATERNEST 100 – www.philippineslifestyle.com

For those into new age eco-friendly living, a new contestant has hit the floor running – the WATERNEST 100. 

The home is offered by EcoFloLife, a floating housing unit with stunning beauty and design – and it’s nearly 100 per cent recyclable. 


For those not looking to mow the grass, don’t care to have or build a foundation, don’t or can’t own the land that needed, no trees to cut, no driveway to cement or pave and the list goes on and on – the WATERNEST 100 may be just what you are looking for. 

Designed by renown Italian Architect Giancarlo Zema, the 100 square-metre residential unit is made of laminated timber and recycled aluminum hull. 

The balconies of this home are located at the sides and the beauty of large windows gives way to stunning views over the water or landscape that you may be attached or docked to. 


The solar panels overhead can generate 4 kWp which are used for interior needs of the unit. Depending on your desires, the home has an interior that can be adjustable. The unit can be located along river courses, lakes, bays, atolls and sea areas which retain a calm water area. 

Not only is this a unique home perfect for the Philippines, the unit is a ‘must have’ for those wanting to live a unique life in the small lakes and water regions of the world. 


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