How To Watch TV On Your Smartphone

If you’re like most Filipinos and hate to miss an episode of your favorite series or news show due to travel, work, and other obligations, don’t fret. As long as you are connected online, you can most local TV shows on your mobile device

Television remains the most important medium of entertainment in most Filipino households. Despite the emergence of mobile phones, many families prefer to get the news from their television sets. What’s more, they still prefer watching sports, series, and movies on their TV.

But as technology progresses, you now have more options to view television content. Among the most popular alternative devices are smartphones. Aside from the portability of these devices, they are also very accessible. So, how can you TV on your smartphone? Here are 4 simple ways.

How To Watch TV On Your Smartphone

Download Local TV Station Apps 

Almost all major television stations in the country have mobile applications. You can download ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5, UNTV apps for free. However, not all stations are capable of running programs on their app in real-time.

In the case of ABS-CBN, you need to download iWant TV app and subscribe for a fee so that you can binge- ABS-CBN series. GMA Network app allows you to some of their programs. Of all the local major TV stations, only UNTV offers live streaming of its shows both on the mobile application and website.    

Plug-in a DTV Dongle

A DTV dongle acts likes a portable antenna on your smartphone that you can plug into the USB OTG. While for most people, this setup is a hassle, this is the only practical way to live TV shows without consuming your mobile data. You can buy MyPhone or generic DTV dongles on e-commerce sites like Lazada and Shopee.

ABS-CBN has just announced the launching of its TVPlus Go, a DTV dongle that can receive feeds from the network’s exclusive channels such as ABS-CBN S+A, CineMo, Knowledge Channel, YeY, Asianovela Channel, DZMM TeleRadyo, MYX, Movie Central, Jeepney TV, and O Shopping.

Online Live Streaming

Some TV stations like TV5 and UNTV provide live streaming on their websites. This means that you can watch the shows as they broadcast them on TV. But you need a reliable internet connection to make sure a smooth feed of the programs.

Subscribe to Video Streaming Services

If you love to watch the latest US-based series and movies, you can subscribe to Netflix Philippines and other video streaming platforms. Aside from watching popular and original American content, you can also screen some select Filipino movies and series.

While subscribing to these platforms can be expensive, you can slash down the cost by sharing the plan with your friends. You can even register for a free trial and cancel your subscription before it expires if you only want to get a taste of it. 

With these steps above, you can now watch TV on your smartphone and tablet. Happy viewing!