WATCH: The Sealander – a camper and boat all-in-one

The all-new Sealander is a unique pull behind, lightweight travel trailer and small yacht all in one.

Its lightweight design allows you to tow the Sealander behind any type of motor vehicle. This German-designed trailer offers the best of two worlds, camping and boating.

sealander 4
The ‘Sealander’ – A Camper and Boat All-In-One [VIDEO] –
The ultra-light water vessel is powered by an electric motor and can be custom fitted with whatever ‘floats your boat.’ A customised cool dual purpose boat ‘slash’ travel trailer will set you back about $24,000.

The boat/travel trailer is only useable in lakes and shallow waterways, otherwise one might end up being the newest variation of Gilligan’s Island.

Check out the demo video and visit the website here:


sealander 2
An interior view of the Sealander
sealander 3
The Sealander set up on dry land for camping

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