WATCH: Introducing the new 290kph supercar made in the Philippines

Take a Look at The New 290kph Supercar Made in the Philippines –

The supercar business just got another team player in its lineup – the all new Aurelio and it’s not made in any European , but right here in the Philippines.

The Aurelio is named after the car’s builder and has recently been featured in several car shows. 

Made by the Laguna-based car maker “Aurelio Automobile”, it weighs just 632 kilograms and has a 517 horsepower engine capable of doing the quarter-mile in 10 seconds flat.

The Aurelio supercar can also top out at 290 kilometers per hour giving serious competition to the best of of the founded makers.

Watch the and see for yourself, the next amazing supercar of the world – made right here in the Philippines.