WATCH: Eyewitnesses record scenes of terror during Batangas quakes


Footage showing terrified people fleeing buildings and shopping malls have been shared online following today’s triple whammy of earthquakes around Batangas.

As we reported earlier (here), the United States Geological Services (USGS) recorded a 5.7-magnitude quake east-northeast of Mabini, Batangas, just after 3pm. This was felt in neighbouring provinces and as far away as Metro Manila.


Then, less than two minutes later, a 5.9 quake struck south-southwest of Tanuan, also near Batangas, which was the location of a 5.4 quake four days ago that has been followed by more than 500 aftershocks.

Then, almost exactly 20 minutes later, a third magnitude 5 quake struck west-northwest of Taysan in the same province.

However, at the time of writing, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has recorded slightly different magnitudes for the quakes, pegging them at 5.6, 6 and 4.1 respectively.


As the chaos unfolded, many people had their phones or cameras on hand to capture the scene.

In this clip from ABS-CBN news, the quake interrupts a live broadcast about congestion at the city’s port. With commendable professionalism, the reporter continues to describe the scenes of panic unfolding all around her:

In this video by ‘Vivy and King’ debris can be seen falling from the city’s historic Taal Basilica. Rumours abounded after the quake earlier this week (see more here) that the Spanish-era cathedral had been irreparably damaged. Thankfully, any damage continues to be superficial:

In this clip, presumably taken on a baby monitor, a concerned father pulls his son from his crib and carries him to safety as the quake hits. Posted to YouTube by ‘DropDeadWarlock Kulantro’:

Another clip showing the impact of the quake on a family home, filmed by ‘Oozing Pinoy TV’. Unluckily for the owners, they seem to be keen collectors of fine china. The sound of numerous smashes can be heard:

Here terrified customers can be seen fleeing the city’s SM mall. Intriguingly, amid the screams can be heard some peals of laughter – so at least one person laughs in the face of danger:

Another short clip showing shoppers rushing for the exit of the mall. The screaming has intensified, and nobody is laughing now:

Would you like shakes with that order? This video shows fear and confusion outside a branch of Jollibee after the quake struck:

Finally this short montage of photographs by ‘Amfofo’ shows some of the structural damage caused by the quakes:


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