App To Watch Boxing On Smartphone – How to Download

If you want to be there when the knockouts happen, you can watch boxing on your smartphone. Everyone has heard of Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, and there are new versions of them in the making. And true fans want to be able to watch them make it happen.

Boxing is a game that will definitely give an instant push to your adrenaline. Are you a fan of this high-end action sport? If you are, but your busy doesn’t allow you to take in a spar, there is an answer. And that’s called your smartphone and the boxing app that goes with it.

Online streaming is quickly replacing the cables and satellite services and for busy fans of boxing, now you can watch all the games right on your Smartphone. DAZN is a mobile application which allows you to stream live boxing and MMA games on your phone.

Watch Boxing With DAZN on your smartphone

How Does DAZN Help Me Watch Boxing?

Watching the next boxing fight can be quite expensive, especially if you are watching on PPV with matches costing you somewhere around 2549 PHP or above. Luckily, we are presenting you with a new live streaming service called DAZN which lets you enjoy over 100 fights a year.

And the great news is that it is only getting bigger and bigger. DAZN pronounced as Da Zone was first launched in 2016 in selected countries, namely Japan, Switzerland, Austria, and Japan. But due to the popularity of the app, it expanded its service area to the USA, Spain, and Brazil. Also, DAZN has announced that it will be launching its service in 200 countries and territories later this year.

So, if you are tired of watching your favorite athlete perform in their next big match, or thinking about cutting the cables, DAZN is worth to give a look. It is quickly becoming one of the best streaming services to watch your favorite sports and it is likely to get bigger and better as the company is continuously expanding its service area.

What Are The Features Of DAZN

Due to the sporting rights differing from to country, the live streaming of sporting events in DAZN will completely depend on the place you live. However, in general, DAZN is offering more than 8000 sporting events in a year which includes Premier League, NFL, NBA, F1 and for sure boxing and MMA.

You can live stream pretty much every sport in DAZN, from soccer to cricket, baseball to golf, boxing to motorsports. Since everything is put together very well, it becomes super easy for users to locate their favorite sporting under one roof.

Video quality has always been a major issue faced by users when it comes to live-streaming. But it is not the case with the DAZN. DAZN streams its video at 720p which is quite excellent in comparison to other live streaming services. In to get the highest quality of streams, DAZN recommends an internet speed of at least 8MBPS.

Watch Boxing On Your Smartphone

What Is The Cost To Watch Boxing On DAZN?

You can pay for DAZN on either a monthly or yearly basis. The monthly subscription might cost you a hefty 1019 PHP per month, while the yearly subscription costs you only 5046 PHP per year. Therefore it is better to take the annual subscription rather than the monthly due to the price gap.

However the choice is fully based on the users’ preference, one can also subscribe to the monthly package for the month when the scheduled fight that you like takes place. But if you wish to watch every single fight, highlights, replays, behind-the-scenes, news reports, and DAZN’s original shows, it is better you take the annual plan.

How Can I Use DAZN?

The DAZN app is available on both iOS and Android platforms, allowing users to watch the fights and other content on your smartphone and tablet. Also, you can stream the DAZN contents on your computer using common browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and others.

However, if you happen to be a dedicated couch potato, you can do that too. Modern Smart TVs and streaming devices can be used to watch DAZN. Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire – any of these device streams DAZN content live or on-demand.

How To Watch Boxing On Your Smartphone Conclusion

DAZN is definitely going to revolutionize the comfort with which boxing enthusiasts can enjoy live streaming without any interruptions. Also, with the feature of having access to many other sports, it is the perfect application for any sports fanatic.