Vivian Velez compares Robredo to Miss Tapia

Actress Vivian Velez hits Vice President Leni Robredo’s choice of outfit in her recent address to the nation, comparing her to Miss Tapia.

“The worst political branding… it’s so fake. Obviously, they want to make her look smarter (kasi nga boba) with those glasses on and books on the table, not to mention the color choice of her outfit. Ano ‘to, shooting? Playing ‘the president’ daw sya?” the former sexy actress said in her account.

In another post, Velez likened Robredo’s outfit to Mely Tagasa’s Miss Tapia character in “Iskul Bukol.”

“Miss Tapia ang peg haha (Iskul Bukol)…Mely Tagasa aka Miss Tapia is a writer in real life, much smarter than the ‘president wanna be’ Lugaw,” she said.

Because of this, Vivian Velez trended on Twitter, but most netizens, however, came to defend Vice President Leni Robredo.

“THE AUDACITY of MS VIVIAN VELEZ to call VP boba, kiddos when you wonder who this laos porn star-turned-bangaw lashing out at VP, just turn to Google and type ‘Vivian Velez Betamax’. Now, if you want to know what the hell Betamax is, just simply type Vivian Velez,” a Twitter user said.

“Calling VP/Atty. Leni boba when all she does is to show the right standards of being a leader. Vivian Velez how low ba standards mo ng gobyerno? Sinong kamag nya dito sobrang eww,” another user wrote.

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Vivian Velez compares Robredo to Miss Tapia

“Vivian Velez if you have nothing to say good, shut your mouth! You are not helping! Look at yourself, a has been bombera! You are not even credible!” another netizen said.

President Rodrigo  also responded to the criticisms of Vice President  on the government’s COVID-19 efforts, saying, she “will just destroy the government.”

“Do not add fuel to the fire. You will just destroy the government,” he added.

The President then said that destroying the government — or even his death — would not solve the country’s problem.

On Monday night, Vice President Leni Robredo, in her 20-minute speech, tackled the issue of confidence during national health emergency as government officials face corruption allegations amid the pandemic.