What Are Virtual Clinics and Who Can Access Them?


In the old days, doctors used to come to the patient’s house and do a house visit, and now it is going back that way.

The main difference is that the doctor is not physically present for the visit, but it is still brought to the patient.


According to some research, the virtual clinic concept is becoming quite a popular and satisfactory method of healthcare. We investigate to see if it is beneficial.

What Are Virtual Clinics and Who Can Access Them?

The Virtual Healthcare Method

As mentioned before, the doctor to patient consultation is conducted online with a virtual presence of the doctor via a broadband connection. So the patient can stay at home, and the symptoms can be investigated to get a prognosis to diagnose the problem.

This virtual visit then is a video conference type of meeting between the doctor and the patient without traveling to the consulting room. For this type of video conference, you will need a broadband connection and an HD camera for easy diagnosis of symptoms.


As technology advances, more serious diagnoses can be made, such as diabetes and other more intense and serious illnesses. This will also help specialists to monitor procedures from a remote location and provide assistance with chronic conditions in the home environment.

This may change the whole medical industry in such a way to benefit both the patients and the doctor. For everyday illnesses like the common cold, you will not need to leave your house for a consultation at the doctor’s office.

This may just save time and money and will prevent unnecessary bookings in a hospital to overload the system. So that means with the virtual clinic, you do not need to go to the hospital for an outpatient visit for information.

Who Can Use This Method?

This health care method is available for everyone that is interested in taking part in this system of health care. If you have the necessary hardware and service provider, you will be able to make use of this type of healthcare system.

This may not seem like a cheaper option for those who can not afford to pay for the consultation at the doctor’s offices. But this may bring the health care system more in the reach of those who can not afford it.

It will save you on the transport to get to the doctor for minor illnesses, and you will not use up some of the doctor’s time. This may also be quite an effective way for employers to prevent those sick days for the employee to see the doctor.

And the employee will not lose the wages for the day of the consultation that can be done from, say, the HR office. This can be a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee if that can be accomplished.

This is also the ideal health care method for those who may have highly contagious illnesses where quarantine is standard. And it will also help to prevent the spread of certain diseases as well as dangerous viruses and bacterial infections.

This type of healthcare may just work out much cheaper than conventional types of healthcare methods we are used to.

When Can You Use This Method?

If you have a common cold or runny nose and any type of symptoms that come with the flu, this might be easy. With any other types of illnesses like hypertension or even a sore throat, you can make use of this method.

Patients that have skin conditions or any of the gastrointestinal problems can make use of this type of healthcare method. If you have a skin condition, you do not even need to go outside and be embarrassed by the skin problem.

For prescription refills, this will be an ideal way to not waste time and money by the need to go to the doctor’s office. And yet another great thing about this type of healthcare is that you do not need to wait for the next day to see the doctor.

What Are Virtual Clinics and Who Can Access Them?


After looking at the benefits of this type of health care method, it seems like the sensible thing to do for an excellent service. 

If you are not familiar with the virtual clinic method, see this website on how to prepare for an online consultation.