Virgin Mary statue ‘sheds tears’, drawing crowds in Sabah, Malaysia

Devotes pray before the ‘miraculous’ statue

A 33-centimetre statue of Mother Mary which was bought in the Philippines has becomes a major attraction in after it reportedly started to shed tears.

Several visitors have taken photographs at the house in Kota Kinabalu of the crying statue.

The church has yet to assess the situation – saying the statue started shedding droplets on Monday, March 2, and again on Thursday.

“I didn’t believe it at first until I actually saw the tears. I was astonished as I never expected anything like this I felt it was something miraculous,” said Michael George, aged 52.

Mr George said his 14-year-old son was the first to notice the statue weeping. He also said that he and his sister-in-law bought the statue last year on a trip to the Philippines. The sister-in-law kept it in her house since Mr George’s house is being renovated.

Since the discovery more than 100 people have arrived every day to see the statue, and to pray the rosary in front of it.

Visitors also flocked to the house after learning of it via social reports. However, Sacred Heart Cathedral said they were still assessing the situation, saying: “We will ask the owner to consider keeping it in a nearby church where it could be viewed and assessed as well.”