Viral: Lady yells at Filipino couple for talking too loud in train

A lady was caught on video verbally harassing a Filipino for talking too loud on a train. The incident happened in 2017, but the video resurfaced and went viral on social media today.

The video showed a woman telling an elderly Filipino to “Go back to the f***ing Philippines.”

The Filipina woman answered, “Oh, don’t say that,” but the woman said she would say what she wants to say.

Another male passenger confronted the angry lady and asked her to get off the train.

But the racist lady turned to him and answered, “Why don’t you?”

“Because I don’t give a f**k! But if you care that they’re here, then get off!” the male passenger said.

“You’re racist!” he added. The woman replied she was no racist.

“I asked them to talk a little lower,” the woman said.

“You’re a racist,” another female passenger who was covering her son’s ear said.

“I asked them to talk a little quieter, and he had an issue,” the woman explained. She also said she has a bigger brain than the male passenger. She also called him a “little boy.”

“I asked them to talk a little lower. And their excuse was that they talk like that in their country,” the angry woman explained.

The lady whispered “goodbye” to the Filipino before getting off the train.

“Get back to the Philippines!” said the woman before the door of the trained closed.

“You’re out of your mind,” the Filipina woman answered.

Last week, an OFW in Taiwan was shocked when he saw a sign “Huwag maingay” or “Don’t be noisy” in English inside the bus he rode.

huwag maingay taiwan
OFW discovers “Huwag Maingay” sign inside a bus in Taiwan (Image from Ariel Gonzales Abalos)

Ariel Gonzales Abalos’ photo went viral and reminded his fellow Filipinos to avoid talking too loud when inside the bus.

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