Vietnam customs officer writes ‘f*** you’ on Chinese woman’s passport

Vietnam customs
A Vietnamese customs officer left this unambiguous comment on a Chinese woman’s passport. It comes amid continuing tension over Beijing’s wide-ranging territorial claims over the South China Sea.

A Chinese woman leaving Vietnam had “F*** You” written in her passport by a Vietnamese customs officer apparently angered over the South China Sea issue.

A Chinese woman, only known as Zhong, handed her passport to Vietnamese customs officers only to receive it back with two pages having the scribbled words of “F*** You” on the pages showing the infamous nine-dash line.


The Chinese used the map with the nine-dash line in passports issued after 2012 – pages 8, 24, and 46 contain the image of the map.

Zhong said she did not speak or give a response to the insult written on her passport as she does not speak Vietnamese. She told reporters that once she returns to China she will apply for a new passport.

Zhong said she entered Vietnam on the 23rd of July via the Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City.


The Chinese Consulate in Vietnam released a statement reporting that they are handling the situation and demanding that Vietnam officials take action to punish whoever is responsible for making the unforgiving remarks.

Netizens made the post go viral, even managing to insult the Philippines in their responses:

“Nice, looks like that Vietnamese monkey knows how to write. [He/She] is learning,” @blackTodd wrote.

“How many bananas did the Philippines give you [to write the insults]? Remember that those were the bananas we didn’t want,” @林大状 wrote.

“What an immature thing to do. I can clearly see what Vietnam is like now,” @fongAz- wrote.

“If Vietnam keeps acting like this, we’ll put them down to their place. Like this comment if you agree,” @对的人不能随便选个某某某 wrote.

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