Video Chat Apps – How to Use

If you’re missing your favorite people, you can use video chat apps to reconnect. It’s almost like the real thing since you get to hear each other and see each other. If you’re not really up on the tech side of your phone, don’t worry, we’ve got some help.

There are hundreds of apps available for people who want to connect with their friends and family. These apps are not only ideal for socializing but also to complete tasks, have meetings, and connect with colleagues as well.

The apps are the ones that are user-friendly so everyone including Gram can use them too. We’ve looked into the apps out there and compiled a list of the ones that are great for everyday users. These apps are free and help you get chatting away fast.

Video Chat Apps - How to Use


Skype has been around for ages, and its ideal for chatting with big groups as well as one on one. You might the desktop version weak; however, the phone version is pretty much stable. It supports big groups, takes in lots of simultaneous calls, all for free.

If you only focus on video calls, Skype will serve you for a while. Be sure to avoid using emoji, updating your status because sometimes they can be crappy.


This is one of the most popular video conference apps for and work. Due to their use of weak security standards along with other shady practices, avoid using this platform for sensitive matters.

It is ideal for big group conferencing, and it’s available on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS. It is user friendly and rarely buffs.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger works pretty much for everything that requires communication. It can take on up to eight participants, moreover, with no time limit. The catch is that when you are on a two-person call, it turns on the peer-to-peer structure to help you avoid congestion.

Being a Facebook product means you have to sign up first-which; of course, most people dread. If you want to enjoy using this app, then there is no shortcut than to sign up first.

WhatsApp Calls/ Messenger

Just like Messenger, WhatsApp is like its sibling. Despite being ugly, its one great go-to app for people who want to video chat. They take on a limit of only four people, and it’s easy to use. To activate this feature, after starting a group chat, go ahead and call select participants, and hit the camera button.

Hangouts/Google Duo

It is a product of Google and was created to compliment Allo. It was later split into Chat and Meet but can still work independently. The app works pretty well, as long as you have a Google account, you will be good to go.

Face Time

Although considered to be great; Facetime doesn’t cross-platforms. This, in itself, limits its usefulness. If you have an Apple product and the person who you want to contact has an Apple product, you’re fine to use it. But if one of you doesn’t, you’re out of luck.

Video Chat Apps - How to Use


If you love having fun with apps, then this is the one for you. It was initially created for teens who want to chat with their friends when can’t leave the house. If you and your friends join it, you will get notifications when they are available for a chat.

It has built-in games that keep you busy. It also has a Pictionary clone that is fun thou needs to be revamped.

Bottom Line

There are a ton of reasons why you might not be able to meet the people you want to talk to in-person. Whatever the reason is, video app chats can make that problem null and void. Our list hits on apps for all types of users, so we’re sure you’ll one that fits. Happy chatting!