Victory Liner bus smash at ‘Baguio’s killer curve’ claims two lives

Victory Liner
Picture of the damaged Victory Liner bus courtesy of the Philippine News Agency

Two are dead and 19 injured after a Victory Liner bus crashed into an electric post on the winding road to Baguio.

The bus was en route from Manila to the Summer Capital when the accident occurred at 1.15pm today (Monday, January 22).


The smash cost the lives of the conductor, named as Joseph Ryan Lalong Isip, and a passenger identified as Melba Suarez.

The 49-year-old driver, Maximino Sapalara Alday, is now in police custody. He will be charged with reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and multiple physical injuries.

A statement issued by Victory Liner said investigations into how the crash occurred were ongoing. However, it made reference to a winding section of the Marcos Highway, which it called “Baguio’s killer curve”.


The statement continued: “The driver manoeuvred but rammed the bus into a post, causing the incident.

“We deployed our emergency team composed of several company representatives to Baguio hospital to ascertain the condition of passengers and provide them with fast and sufficient medical and financial assistance. Uninjured passengers were safely assisted as well.

“We are cooperating closely with our police and traffic authorities by providing them with all the information necessary to complete their investigation about the accident.

“We are likewise, conducting our own probe. Upon completion, we will provide authorities with an investigation report.

“As a valuable member of the Baguio community, we empathise with the people affected by this accident and we will work hard with the community to avoid such accidents in the future.”

A full list of the 19 injured has been published by the Philippine Inquirer.

On Saturday, we reported on the death of seven medical professionals who were killed after their van driver fell asleep at the wheel.

The doctors and nurses, all Filipino-Americans living in New York and Chicago, were in the country for a medical mission, but were enjoying a day of sightseeing when tragedy struck.

Then, on Sunday, 37 people were injured after a bus with faulty brakes crashed into a hardware store in Davao City.

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