Victims of Ulysses still living in evacuation centers

Nine months after typhoon Ulysses hit Metro Manila, there are still Filipinos who are still struggling to recover.

In the covered court of Barangay Bagong Silangan in Quezon City, at least 16 families are still living in tents after their houses were damaged during the height of the typhoon in November 2020.

One of the victims of the typhoon was the Hemido family. Seven members of their family huddle in the modular tent. They still don’t have the money to fix their house. He was accompanied in the tent by and grandchildren aged 2 years and older.

According to Rafael Hemido, 71, he sells vegetables or occasionally works as a mechanic just so they have a supply of food on a daily basis.

“Hindi kami nakauwi dhail sira yung bahay namin at walang budget ipagawa, kung ipagawa natin nasisira rin tuwing baha. Relocation na sana para hindi taon-taon pumupunta kami sa barangay,” said Mang Rafael.

Rosana Guban, 64, is also calling for any help, especially since she can no longer work due to age. According to him, they are getting sick at the evacuation center so they called for medicine to be given to them.

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Victims of Ulysses still living in evacuation centers

“Matagal na po kami dito, biktima kami ng bagyong Ulysses. November 12 pa po yung hanggang ngayong nandito pa po kami. Mag-iisang taon na po, nagiba talaga bahay namin. Kailangan namin ng relocation. Ang sabi nila sa barangay irerelocate kami pero hanggang ngayon ay nandito pa rin kami. Wala kami tulong na natatanggap dito. Kahit relief na lang. Nagkakasakit na ang mga bata dito kahit gamot lang walang nagbibigay dito,” said Guban.

According to Barangay Chairman Willy Cara, they have been in contact with the National Housing Authority for a long time to arrange for the relocation of the affected families.

He said the NHA went to the area five times for screening and said the families had passed for relocation. For now, the barangay is just waiting for the affected families to be delivered to the relocation sites.

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