Vic Sotto addresses rumors that he got Julia Clarete pregnant

Vic Sotto has sent a message to cyberbullies and fake news spreaders amid rumors that he got Eat Bulaga co-host Julia Clarete pregnant.

On July 10’s “Eat Bulaga” episode, the comedian addressed spreaders of fake news without particularly specifying the issue.

“OK, ‘Eto makinig kayo. ‘Etong hugot ko for today,” he began.

“Sa mga nagsa-cyber bully or mga gumagawa ng fake news o naninira ng tao sa social media lalo na o sa ibang paraan: Lalo niyong tatandaan na may nasasaktan kayo at yan ay pagbabayaran ninyo,” he added.

“‘Wag niyo isipin na dahil pinalalampas lang ng iba eh mahina na o naduduwag,” Vic Sotto continued.

[To cyberbullies and fake news peddlers, to bashers on social media and on other means, remember that you are hurting an actual person. You will pay for this. Don’t think they’re being a coward just because they are taking the high road.]

Vic Sotto addresses rumors that he got Julia Clarete pregnant

“Nakikita kayo, tandaan niyo yan at hindi natin yan palalampasin. Darating ang araw na may paglalagyan kayo,” he said, ending his message stressing that he is referring to “n’yo” at “kayo.”

[We can see you, remember that. We aren’t letting you get away with this. There will come a time that you will be put in your place.]

Last month, rumors surfaced that Vic Sotto and Julia Clarete had a relationship. The comedian allegedly got Clarete pregnant, forcing the host to move out of the country.

In May 2007, she gave birth to her son. Then, in January 2016, Clarete, now based in Kuala Lumpur, resigned as one of the hosts of Eat Bulaga! after 10 years due to personal reasons.

In March 2016, she made an appearance in Eat Bulaga! and even joked about applying for a position as a cast member. Though it did not mean she was making a comeback to the show, fans were just happy to see her again.

She is married to Gareth McGeown, Coca-Cola Commercial Director for Malaysia and Singapore. She has a son named Sebastian, the son of Stephen Uy.

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