Verizon Wireless Customer Service Jobs – How to Apply


The growing telecommunications industry has many chances of finding work. Applicants routinely find customer support and sales jobs with telecom giants like Verizon, which has over 175,000 staff and coverage areas serving over 300 million people in the U.S.

As a primary wireless service provider, Verizon offers national coverage and the famous 4G LTE network that hosts millions of subscribers throughout the country. Its broad reach helps job seekers find roles in retail, customer care, call center, delivery, and corporate capacities.


Employment opportunities also include regular entry-level work in retail stores located in busy shopping centers and malls, and centralized call center offices. Read on to fine more about these jobs in detail.

Verizon Wireless Customer Service Jobs - How to Apply
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Qualifications for a Job at Verizon

Applicants in metropolitan and suburban areas, with large populations, typically find the most accessible telecommunications jobs with Verizon.

Verizon hires people who understand the latest technological trends in mobile devices and services, with positive attitudes and pleasant demeanors.


In some sales roles, employees upsell additional services or products, which can include techniques experienced in similar professional environments or personal experiences.

Applicants must have at least one year of relevant experience. Familiarity with technology, both software, and hardware, also proves essential for the job.

Besides technical experience, candidates must hold high school diplomas and be at least 18 years of age. Associates get fair salaries, exclusive job insurance packages, and product and services discounts in-store.

Customer support agents from Verizon typically work in client call centers. They provide customers with solutions ranging from troubleshooting to general knowledge of account balances, accounting and distribution, updates, and facilities accessible. The work at the entry-level does not include specific requirements for consideration of jobs.

Average Income and Salary

As Customer Service Representatives (CSR), candidates who often operate under challenging environments consistently succeed.

The job title also requires employees to take on varied schedules that also extend through nights, weekends, and holiday seasons. Representatives of the customer service earn from $12.00 to $20.00 an hour.

Benefits of Working at Verizon Wireless as a CSR

Employees and existing partner dependents have access to what Verizon dubs as the Full Rewards System.

Employment opportunities available range from career advancement to professional training programs. Perks of working with Verizon include financial planning assistance such as 401(k) retirement plans, bonus rewards, company goods and services discounts.

Employees and their families are also provided with medical, dental, and disability coverage. Employees are also entitled to holidays, vacation time, employee support programs, tuition assistance, and emergency absence leaves.

The company also provides discounted memberships to many famous gyms and fitness centers around the country.

How to Land a Job at Verizon Wireless

Working in customer service allows you to speak to clients, address issues, and help others. Additionally, by taking care of the people they rely on for business, you contribute to your employer’s bottom line and the overall brand image.

Do note that there’s a lot of competition for customer service positions, so make sure that your portfolio stands out from the crowd.

Browse for the Right Customer Service Position at the Verizon Website

First up, visit the Verizon website to register your account.

Many jobs prefer applicants with previous sales experience, while others need you to be solely representative of customer service. The jobs with more ability requirements will have higher pay in certain situations.

Verizon Wireless would need a high school diploma or an associate’s degree, so you need to compile a list of jobs that suit your experience.

Drop-in a Great Resume through the Website

Your cover letter is the first document to be read by employers, but a well-written resume can seal the deal for an interview. So build a professional resume that clearly outlines the history and experience of your jobs.

Also, make sure the job description illustrates unique skills. For bonus points, show in your CV your passion for electronics.

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Verizon has a variety of jobs to offer, with many unmatched perks. After applying, it is also important to prepare for an interview, in case you are called for one.

You might be asked questions related to customer service during your interview, like “do you work well with people?”, or “how do you deal with an angry customer?” and so on.

So prepare ahead. Good luck!