Vatican urges church congregations to target climate change



Religious Congregations in the Philippines Expected to Create ‘Climate Change” Desks –

All religious sectors, congregations and more are expected to create a climate change desk in order to promote an overall collective view to environmental issues throughout the Philippines.


The enforcement comes direct from the Vatican itself and is embraced by Pope Francis’ Laudato Si encyclical.

The Association of Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines (AMRSP) urged its member congregations to set up desks to promote a cause for “climate justice” and to give formation on the landmark document.

ARMSP executive secretary Franciscan Father Dexter Toledo said climate change will be among their priorities.


“This will be part of the whole campaign of the AMRSP’s justice, peace, and integrity of creation commission,” Toledo said.

The commitment to establish such desks was the outcome of the recent AMRSP convention held in Cebu City.

The AMRSP said the desks will work with ecology networks and stakeholders like the Global Catholic Climate Movement and groups with similar initiatives.

The organisation also vowed to offer the faithful “sustained and continuing” pastoral formation on the Pope’s encyclical.

Officials say the Philippines has more than 12,000 nuns and approximately 7,335 priests. Out of those numbers, roughly 2,300 are from the religious sectors who are working in 85 archdioceses and dioceses throughout the country.