Vaccination of those with comorbidities to begin in Manila

Manila has already been given an additional supply of Sinovac vaccines so the inoculation of those on the A3 vaccination priority list will continue.

Included on the A3 priority list are those aged 18 to 59 but with comorbidities such as chronic respiratory, kidney, or liver disease; hypertension; cardiovascular disease; diabetes; and tuberculosis.

According to Mayor Isko Moreno, on Wednesday, mass vaccination will begin for those on the A3 priority list and it will be announced where those interested in getting vaccinated can go.

For those who have not yet pre-registered, proof of their medical condition can be prepared such as a medical certificate, prescription, or records.

On Tuesday, Sinovac will begin giving the second dose to the frontliners who have been vaccinated. Since the 28 days after the first dose is over, some health care workers will receive the second dose in Sta. Ana Hospital.

According to the latest record of the Manila Health Department, 17,809 have been administered in the city including frontliners and senior citizens.

Mass vaccination of senior citizens will continue and another 12 vaccination sites will be visited by MHD for easy access for residents.

Vaccination of those with comorbidities to begin in Manila

For those with senior citizen family members who have difficulty getting up, any relative can go to the nearest vaccination site to request home service.

More than 1,300 senior citizens have been targeted against -19 during Sunday’s immunization of the elderly in Manila.

According to the Manila Public Information Office, 4,979 senior citizens are pre-registered for the local government’s vaccination program.

Vaccination also continued in 12 covered courts in the city that were turned into vaccination sites.

Those who have pre-registered only need to bring the waiver form or QR code to be verified.

He said the vaccination sites will also accept the walk-in senior citizen but the process will take a long time because only then will the details of the elderly who wants to be vaccinated will be obtained.

The Manila local government clarified that even with the enhanced community quarantine on Monday, senior citizens will be allowed to go out to get vaccinated.

He said they can assist  to get to the vaccination site.