USA urges Duterte government to comply with human rights laws

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US to Philippines: Comply with Human Rights Accountability – (a demonstration in the Philippines, ‘stop the killings’) – Image courtesy of

The US government has again urged the Philippines to comply with human rights commitments amid the rising number of killings and murders involving drug-related police operations.

The United Nations has also drawn a strong line, going as far as creating a committee to engage itself inside the country and oversee extrajudicial killings.


This week police chief Ronald dela Rosa asked a group of officers: “Are you ready to kill?” He also told the same men and women to burn down the houses of drug dealers.

Dela Rosa later apologised for the comments.

Authorities in the UN and the US may be preparing to intervene in a country gone wild, egging on its police officers and society to just kill suspected drug dealers or those using illegal drugs.


Elizabeth Trudeau, the US Department of State spokesperson said the US has made it clear that the country has overstepped its pursuit of basic human rights and due process under the law.

Trudeau told reporters this week “We believe in universal human rights. And we believe that these support long-term security, which is the goal not only for the United States but also for the Philippines.”

“We strongly urge the Philippines to ensure its law enforcement efforts comply with human rights obligations,” she added.

The Philippines has an underlying issue with that statement, not one of recent concern – the Philippine legal system and the courts are inept in every way possible, leaving many incarcerated for years, if not decades, waiting to have their day in court.

Those same legal rights are just a part of being a true democracy, but the Philippines is a system in total decay.

Recent international news sources gave light of the horrific jails that are nothing more than 17th-century decaying fortresses, backlogged and completely filled with drug dealers and murders that are living a good life behind bars. But those who cannot afford to even receive a basic meal lay infested with the sick and dying as they wait for some form of legal representation. 

In a recent attempt to stop the so-called drug trade at Billibid prison, this week a new load of drugs, guns, and contraband show that the system is rigged beyond repair. Even after Duterte installed the military to guard what comes in and goes out of Billibid prison, even that attempt shows that the system is nothing more than rigged beyond comprehension, leaving it to those who ‘own’ the system.