US Serviceman Scott Pemberton on trial for killing ladyboy

US Serviceman Scott Pemberton Trial Begins Today in Olongapo City –

The murder trial of US Serviceman Scott Pemberton begins today in Olongapo City. Earlier this month a 21 million peso plea bargaining deal was looming before the start of the trial. That deal is still on the table as the trial begins.

Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton is being charged for the murder of transgender Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude on October 11, 2014.

Pemberton’s trial will be held at the RTC Branch #74 with Judge Roline Ginez-Jabalade presiding – The plea deal from Pemberton’s camp is not a dismissal of murder – rather, it would only downgrade the charges from murder to homicide.

“Indeed the Laude family wants nothing else but to see Pemberton being immediately convicted and his sentence be imposed. If this will happen it will do well if Pemberton will publicly apologise to the Laudes and to the Filipino people.

“With the death of Jennifer, the family indeed incurred expenses, thus the civil aspect is instituted with the murder charge. Even with the pleading, their expenses like burial, interment, lost income should be paid,”  lawyer Virgie Suarez said, he is one of two private lawyers the Laude family has hired.


In recent news the private council for the Laude family told members of the media that their position is non-negotiable, at any price.