US to send more ships in West Philippine Sea: Amb. Romualdez

More ships from the United States are expected to arrive in the West Philippine Sea or South China Sea.

This was announced by the to the United States Jose Manuel Romualdez after the US Navy’s Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group (TRCSG) entered the region on April 4 for a routine operation.

Romualdez said America’s freedom of navigation operations will continue. Its purpose is to protect the seaway in the said region, meaning any type of ship can pass through the area without being harassed.

According to the U.S. Navy, this is the second time TRCSG has entered the South China Sea after being deployed in the 7th Fleet area of ​​operations.

The US Ambassador further clarified that the United States supports the South China Sea country’s protest and assured them that they are ready to help the Philippines when we ask for help in case China is doing too much.

Romualdez, on the other hand, hopes that the Chinese vessels will leave Julian Felipe Reef and other Philippine territories because we are not against China and I hope this does not happen either.

US to send more ships in West Philippine Sea: Amb. Romualdez

He said the United States is also ready to fulfill the Mutual Defense Treaty signed with the Philippines if necessary.

Last month, an official from the United States government said it stood with the Philippines regarding its against China’s ‘maritime militia’ vessels staying near Whitsun Reef in the West Philippine Sea.

“The U.S. stands with our ally, the Philippines, regarding concerns about the gathering of PRC maritime militia vessels near Whitsun Reef. We call on Beijing to stop using its maritime militia to intimidate and provoke others, which undermines peace and security,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Embassy in criticized the support of the US in the Philippines’ protest against Chinese incursion in the West Philippine Sea, saying it could affect the “peace and stability” in the disputed territory.

“The United States is not a to the South China Sea issue. Fanning flames and provoking confrontation in the region will only serve the selfish interests of individual country and undermine regional peace and stability,” the Chinese Embassy in Manila wrote in a .