US pledges 300 million pesos to boost Philippine intelligence services


intelligence services

The US has pledged more than 300 million pesos to boost the intelligence services of the Philippines amid the fight against terrorism.


In a statement today (Monday, February 11), presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said the government welcomed the US’s commitment, stressing it would help tackle terror groups. 

“We welcome the United States’ commitment in fighting terrorism. This shows that our military alliance with the United States remains strong,” he said.

“Terrorism knows no boundaries, politics, religion and creed. It is the new evil in the world that strikes at every country and every continent. We need all the help as every member-country in the United Nations needs the assistance and cooperation of each other to combat and crush terrorism.”


The US’s vow to provide assistance to the Philippines intelligence services comes as the island of Mindanao remains under martial law.

Despite this, bomb attacks have rocked some parts of the war-torn region in recent weeks.

Panelo stressed that the government remained on top of the situation.

The Malacañang official also said the armed forces were “relentlessly” pursuing the mass murderers. He added that a number of suspects had been “criminally charged and presently detained”.

“In Mindanao, terrorists have gained a foothold and have unleashed bombs that killed our soldiers and civilians. While the terroristic acts have created fear and anxiety in the inhabitants of the region, they however refused to be intimidated and cowed as they exercised their right of suffrage in the just concluded plebiscite,” he said.

“We assure the nation that security for our people have been enhanced. We call our people to be vigilant and report to the authorities any suspicious act by any person or group of persons in their communities that may tend to endanger their lives, limbs and properties.”

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