Best Job Search Sites With Companies Hiring Now

It’s hard to believe people used to go knocking on company doors during a job search, these days it can all be done online. There are numerous job search sites online to help you find your ultimate job. But the bad news is that you have a ton of competition.

It is a lot easier to fill out a job application online on a job search site then to research hundreds of companies and reach out to them. And for that reason, there are lots of people applying for lots of jobs. Additionally, with so many job sites out there, it’s hard to tell which ones have real job postings.

You need to find out which job sites have companies that are hiring now. That way you can put your time and into applying for those jobs instead of jobs that may never materialize. We’ve put together a list of the best job search engines that have real jobs.

Best Job Search Sites

Mold Your Career With Monster

Wait, don’t get scared because of its name, people!  Monster is one of the most reputed online employment search engines operating globally today. It is a global leader in connecting people seeking jobs with employers who need them.

With a successful track-record of more than two decades, the company has expanded from the roots as a job board to a global provider of several services. From career management to recruitment to talent management products and services, there is a full array of job-seeking opportunities.

What Kind Of Jobs Do They Have? offers you jobs from reputed companies like UPS, Pepsi, HCL Technologies and others. You can begin your quest for the job right through your desktop on the Also, you can get the monster app on your smartphone.

The platform offers you a variety of jobs from junior level to the executive levels. At, you can view the jobs categorically. You will find jobs related to administration, building maintenance, farming, and healthcare. Whatever your qualification, caliber or experience might be, has it all.

Get going with the Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another big name in the business of digital recruiting. On Glassdoor, job seekers can find a lot of valuable information including company reviews by current and former employees, company information, salaries, and other companies’ ratings.

That information proves to be very helpful to the applicants throughout the various stages of a job search. Glassdoor has over 60 million unique job searches every month. It offers its users an opportunity to work with world-class companies like IBM, Walmart, Microsoft, and even the Army.

What Makes Glassdoor Different?

Glassdoor allows you to browse real-time company reviews and ratings along with the salary details for jobs with particular employers. The more information you have, the more you research a company. Therefore, you will be able to write the perfect cover letter and prepare yourself for the interview.

However, to browse reviews and salaries, you are required to register as a member. The registration is absolutely free, quick and easy. Once you register, you will be able to browse the jobs by type, titles, salary, companies, and locations – then upload your resume to apply.

Let LinkedIn Help You

When it comes to online job search, LinkedIn is surely the unicorn standout. LinkedIn is basically a social networking site connecting top professionals from every nook and corner of the world. This site allows you to search for jobs not only through direct employers’ listings. However, you can do the needful with your extended network as well. It also allows employers to post job listings and reach out to possible candidates.

In LinkedIn, your profile serves as your resume and provides employers with detailed information about your skills and experiences. Therefore, it becomes very important that you have an updated and complete profile. LinkedIn is popular with employers who review the profile of talented workers.

What Is The Best Way To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job?

The platform is all about effective networking or building relationships. It is very crucial you build your profile well. You should also add to your connections and make the best use of those connections in your job search. It is ideal for home-based business owners, freelancers, and telecommuters.

LinkedIn also allows you to directly search jobs by clicking the ‘JOBS’ tab and then entering the keyword, and country. To refine your search, even more, use the advanced search option to see jobs by date posted, experience level, job function, company, and location.

Best Job Search Sites With Companies Hiring Now Conclusion

If you head to the above search engines and use the tips we’ve provided, you will find the jobs you are looking for. As long as you have a clear idea of the job and salary you want, you just need to make sure your resume and profile reflect that. And that way you can find your employer and your employer can find you.