Filipinos have more trust in the US government than at any time since 1986

Filipinos trust the USA more than any other country

A survey has found that 81 per cent of Filipinos say they have “much trust” in the USA — while only 27 per cent said the same of China.

The USA remains the most trusted nation in the Philippines, with only eight per cent saying they had “little trust” and 11 per cent said they were undecided.


In the Social Weather Stations survey published today (Friday, July 19), the USA scored net trust rating of “excellent”. The score of +73 is reached by subtracting the “little trust” score from the “much trust”.

This is up by 13 points from the “very good” +60 in March, and the highest score since the “excellent” +74 in September 2015.

The majority of Filipinos, 55 per cent, also agree that the US government has good intentions for the Filipino people, while only 17 per cent disagreed and 28 per cent were undecided.


This gives a net score of +39, which is up by 31 points from a +8 in recorded in December 2005, and the highest score since +40 in May 1986.

Five other countries included in the survey also obtained “good” net trust ratings, including Canada and Australia both at +46, Japan at +45, New Zealand at +38 and Malaysia at +34.

Meanwhile, the level of trust in China has fallen to “poor”.

The survey — conducted between June 22 and 26 — found that 51 per cent of Filipinos had “little trust” in China, while 27 per cent had “much trust”. This resulted in a net rating of -24. This is down from the “neutral” -6 recorded in March and the lowest since the “bad” -35 in June 2018.

When it came to whether the Chinese government had good intentions for the Filipino people, 27 per cent said no, and “27” said yes. This gave a net agreement score of -16, or “moderately weak.

The survey was conducted less than two weeks after a Chinese vessel collided with a Filipino fishing boat in the South China Sea, and failed to rescue the stricken crew.

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