American detained after saying: ‘You can’t arrest me, I’m a US citizen’

US citizen
Before being taken off to the station, the American boasted that he couldn’t be arrested because he was a US citizen

A US citizen was arrested at a Davao City mall after threatening a city councillor — and bragging that he couldn’t be detained because of his nationality.

Gary Joseph Maraviglia flew into a rage yesterday (Sunday, August 6) after accusing Davao City Second District Councillor Al Ryan Alejandre of photographing his credit card.


According to a report on Radio dzBB, the American accused the local politician of attempting to defraud him, and challenged him to a fist fight. Some local news sources also refer to a threat involving a shotgun.

In his complaint filed with police, Mr Alejandre also claimed that Maraviglia boasted that he could not be arrested because he was a US citizen.

Ironically, Mr Alejandre is the chairman of the city government’s international relations and tourism committees.


It has not been confirmed what charges are being filed, and no further information on this case is available at this time.

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