US cancels visa of Manila ‘drug queen’


Officials confirmed yesterday that the United Stated already canceled the visa of Manila drug queen Guia Gomez Castro who is now in the US.

“Upon the request of the Department of Justice, the US visa granted to alleged drug queen Guia Castro has been canceled,” Justice Undersecretary Markk Perete said.


Perete also said that the Bureau of Immigration was now coordinating with the US counterparts to deport the “drug queen” Guia Gomez Castro back to the Philippines.

“The BI is now working with US immigration authorities to effect her deportation to the Philippines,” Perete added.

National Capital Region Police chief Guillermo Eleazar confirmed on Monday that Castro was now in the US.


Castro flew from the country to Thailand then to Taiwan before going to the US.

“Based on our monitoring from Bangkok, pumunta siya ng Taiwan and from Taiwan pumunta siya ng USA,” Eleazar said.

Bureau of Immigration spokesperson Dana Sandoval verified that Castro was able to leave the Philippines on a flight for Bangkok, Thailand, several days after arriving from Vancouver, Canada on September 18. The bureau did not flag her before leaving because she did not have a derogatory record. Also, there was no Hold Departure Order (HDO) issued to prevent Castro from escaping the country.

Manila ‘drug queen’ buys and resells ‘ninja cops’ recycled shabu

Castro allegedly served as the buyer and distributor of the Philippine National Police “ninja cops.”

13 ‘ninja cops’ involved in illegal drug recycling named

According to PNP-Criminal Investigation and Detention Group chief Benjamin Magalong, the “ninja cops” reported that they seized 38 kilos of shabu during a drug buy-bust operation at Woodbridge Subdivision, Lakeshore View, Pampanga on Nov. 29, 2013.

Purisima received an intelligence report that police officers had cars at the same time, so they decided to investigate.

But it turns out that about 200 kilos of shabu were confiscated and not 38.

Castro was arrested in 2001 for alleged illegal drug possession. However, the case was dismissed, allowing her to continue and expand her alleged narcotics network.

Castro even won in the 2018 barangay elections but immediately went on indefinite leave “for the purpose of local travel to Surigao.” Eleazar claimed that “She did not take [her] oath because she had knowledge that the police were after her.”