UNESCO chooses Davao City as test site for water sustainability project

Davao City
UNESCO Chooses Davao City as Pilot Site for Sustainability Science Project – www.philippineslifestyle.com

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has chosen Davao City as a pilot site for a sustainable science project on enhancing resilience to disasters of urban water systems in Mindanao.

The implementation of the project took place at the Grand Regal Hotel on Wednesday, February 3, with the Department of Science and Technology and Hydrology for Environment, Life and Policy.

The project is a multi-stakeholder project that aims to demonstrate the resilience of the urban water system of Davao City to climate change.

The project will involve 35 barangays that have been identified as “flood-prone” under the DREAM-Lider project. It will involve representatives from AdDU, UP-Min, State Universities and Colleges, NGOs, national government agencies, local government units, and many others.

Residents along the Talom-Lipadas River, Lasang River, Davao River and Matina Crossing district would directly benefit from the project.