Undas 2019: people sleeping in Manila South Cemetery brought to precint


Undas 2019: Police brought several people sleeping in tombs and selling in the Manila South Cemetery to the precinct, Friday, October 25.

According to police, it was part of their anti-criminality operation at the said cemetery in preparation for the upcoming Undas or All Saints Day.

Undas 2019 Philippines
Around 2.5 million Filipinos visit Manila North and South cemetery for Undas. (Image from Philippine Headline News Online)

Police brought up to 38 people to Sta. Ana Police to retrieve their personal information. According to the station commander, they only want to verify if anyone inside the cemetery has a criminal record.

The ones they brought were those who slept in the tombs and vendors living inside the cemetery. The police said they wanted to make sure that there would be no disturbance in the upcoming Undas.

The police also took three minors who will be turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).


Once the police have verified that no one has been charged, they would be free to go.

According to reports, around 500,000 people are expected to visit Manila South Cemetery for Undas 2019. Two million people are expected to flock to the Manila North Cemetery for the All Saints’ Day.

South Cemetery is 25 hectares (62 acres) cemetery in Metro Manila, with around 295,000 graves (maximum capacity of 371,490). It previously part of the Hacienda San Pedro de Macati, which was owned by the Ayala-Roxas-Zóbel family. The land was then under the province of Rizal. The South Cemetery was legally acquired by Ordinance 726 and other actions taken by the Municipal Board and Mayor Zobel vs. City of Manila (1925).

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