YouTube Kids- How To Download The App For Your Kids

Monitoring your kids’ YouTube habits can be time-consuming with the YouTube Kids can help. Youtube has content for children but also stuff children should never see. The YouTube Kids makes sure they only see what is appropriate for their age. 

As the name suggests, it was put together just for kids. The content on Youtube Kids is made up of family-friendly videos and educational clips. Multicolored icons and huge images adorn the homepage of this to make it look attractive to kids. 

This is suitable for children of ages up to 12 years and of course, parents may also join in on this fun ride. YouTube Kids features popular series like Teletubbies, Morph, and many more which kids are usually fond of. Want to know how to set it up? Keep scrolling.

YouTube Kids- How To Download The App For Your Kids

How To Get Started On YouTube Kids

The first step is to download YouTube Kids which is free for both Android and iOS. To set it up, parents have to put in their personal details and then skip to a page which tutors you on how to block videos.

Then you should sign in to your Google account and read the Terms of Use and give parental consent. Parents now have to create a profile for their kids. You can pick and choose content out of three settings based on age, which are Preschool, Younger, and Older.

Now, as a parent, you’ve to decide whether to keep the search on or off. If it’s on, your kid can fully access the age-appropriate content on Youtube Kids. In the case when it’s off, your child will only have recommended videos so, the choice is yours, choose wisely. 

YouTube Kids- How To Download The App For Your Kids

What Does YouTube Kids Offer?

YouTube Kids has plenty of features that aids in the growth of children. Other than entertaining and educational videos, it also has parental control settings to give kids age-appropriate content, apt for their growth. Let’s look at some of the features.

One for each

Parents can make up to 8 accounts on a device so every kid can enjoy his personalized YouTube channel. This way you can customize according to age so that everyone is happy.

Much to choose from

YouTube kids have many categories that organize content for your kids for easy usage. The first category is `Recommended’ which generates age-appropriate videos that a child can easily choose. ‘Shows’ is the next category which has comical series like Marvel, etc. 

The third category is children’s all-time favorite `Music.’ This usually contains tunes for kids or Disney theme songs. ‘Learning’ is the fourth classification which constitutes educational content. 

Choose an approved experience for your child

You can handpick the content that your child accesses through this parental control setting. Clicking on the lock icon will take you to Settings.

Here, you have to enter the password and click on ‘Approved content only’. Then, press ‘+’ for any channels or videos you want your child to access and click on ‘Done’.   

Timer settings

Despite the curated content in Youtube Kids, you wouldn’t want your kid glued to the box. So, there’s a parental control feature to put a screen limit on the use of the .

All you need to do is jump onto the ‘lock’ icon and head towards parent’s settings. An option to set timer shall be visible through which you can limit your kid’s streaming hours. 

Goodbye Advertisements

The question of age-inappropriate advertisements must have tickled your brain. But, Youtube Kids have got you covered as the app provides children-friendly advertisements to not break the sanctity of the experience. 

The Bottom Line

Children of ages between 3 and 13 are always inquisitive to learn something from everything and education for them isn’t just a classroom activity. Since they have impressionable minds, this age is crucial for development. 

Many research studies have shown how visuals enhance the learning process of children. Youtube Kids was made keeping this all in mind with the sole motive to create children-friendly content that educates them as well as keeps them engaged and happy.