UK travel warning after woman robbed and shot in face by taxi driver

United Kingdom Warns Expats & Vacationers After Briton Attacked in Philippines –

The UK has warned its citizens living in and visiting in the Philippines to ride only taxis from reputable companies. The warning comes after a British woman was attacked by a cab driver on January 17.

A 51-year-old woman was robbed in her cab and was shot in the face with a 22-caliber pistol. 


She was on her way from Burgos, Makati, to Malate, Manila, when the driver pointed a gun in her face and told her: “Give me your bag – this is a hold-up!”

The travel advisory says: “Only use taxis from a reputable company; some taxi drivers and their accomplices have robbed and harmed passengers.”

The UK also warned its citizens against crimes on public transport. “Safety standards on taxis, buses and boats can be low,” it said.


To ensure a safer trip, the UK advised its nationals to “seek advice from local contacts, avoid travel to remote areas and always leave travel plans with friends, colleagues or relatives.”

It also told its nationals not to display cash or jewellery.