American Express Corporate Credit Card- How To Apply

If you’ve got to hand out company credit cards, an American Express Corporate Credit Card might be a good choice. When it comes to handing out corporate cards you need to have trust and that takes time to build. But trust is vital to any business.

Even after the trust is built, employees that handle the company’s money always need supervision. Using corporate credit cards is an excellent way of keeping an eye on employee-spending.

Corporate credit cards not only let you keep track of your professional finances but also allow you to limit your employees’ spending. American Express has a number of useful corporate cards and we get into them next.

American Express Corporate Credit Card- How To Apply

Features of American Express Corporate Credit Cards

There are five card plan options you can choose from. You can pick specific plans for your employees based on their designation and nature of work.

The options include Corporate Green card, Platinum Card, British Airways Card, British Airways Plus card, and Corporate Green Card. They have different sets of benefits but share a few common features.

Unmatched Protection

American Express Corporate Card is the best way to enforce your Company’s spending policies. You can tailor the restrictions you put on your card.

You can limit your card usage by setting overall spending limits, industry-specific spending limits, cash access limits, and individual card members.

Savings for your Business

American Express lets you successfully cut down on your travel . You get a discount on car rental and exclusive access to Airport Lounges.

The Corporate Gold Credit Card gives you access to 350 VIP lounges globally like the London Gatwick Lounge and Manchester International Lounge. It also offers two complimentary visits per year.

Earn Rewards

American Expressway Corporate Cards reward you points on everyday like flights, hotels, supplies, and entertainment. These are membership rewards, and they can be used to pay bills and online shopping among others.

Choose Options

You can choose from individual and central billing options, which means that you can select items you want to bill and make a specific business transaction. You can also decide between combined or full corporate liability options.

Combined liability means that the Company is only liable to pay for business transactions made by the card and not personal charges.

What Are The Fees Of American Express Corporate Credit Card

The five credit cards have different costs per year. The cards have a repayment term of 55 days and no pre-set spending limit.

  • The American Express Gold Corporate Card has an annual fee of £100.
  • The Platinum Credit Card has an annual fee of £375.
  • The British Airways Express Credit Card has an annual fee of £50 and the British Airways Express Credit Card Plus has an annual fee of £275
  • The Corporate Green Credit Card has an annual fee of £45.


To be a corporate cardholder, you must at least meet the following requirements.

  • Business owners should be above the age of 18.
  • The owner must have a permanent address in the UK.
  • The organization should be established in the UK and have a current UK Bank.

How To Apply For American Express Corporate

The process of applying for a Corporate Credit Card in American Express is lengthy but straightforward.

Step 1: Check your Eligibility

You can check if you qualify for the corporate programs by filling in your personal and financial details in the eligibility checker.

Step 2: Compare Cards

You should compare all the card options and choose the perfect pick for your employees. You can compare all the card options on the American Express UK website.

Step 3: Fill the Corporate Card Application Form

First of all, fill out the Application. The form includes your details like name, address, phone number, and business details. Make sure all the information provided is legit and can be validated.

Step 4: Furnish the Corporation with the Form

You can now print and send the form to American Express Services Europe Limited, UK Corporate New Accounts, UMC 87-03-010, 1 John Street, Brighton BN88 1NH.

You can also fax the form to 01273 667111 or E-mail it to

Make sure you retain a hard and a soft copy of the form with you.

Step 5: Wait for a response

An American Express representative will now contact you with more details on proceed with further application. You will be walked through the process until completion.

American Express Corporate Credit Card- How To Apply

Contact Details


0800 917 8230 or 0800 917 8047


American Express,

3rd, 1 John St,

Brighton BN88 1NH,

The United Kingdom.


There are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. Consult the corporation’s terms and conditions page for more information.